FRESH FILMS is the nation's leading teen filmmaking competition. Each summer we travel to nine cities across the U.S. to work with teen filmmakers. At Fresh Films, we create an unforgettable experience where teens replace the professionals.

FRESH FILMS FEATURE will engage teen creativity on a massive scale, bringing together hundreds of teens from across the country to collaborate on the first-ever all-youth produced feature film. The coming-of-age film will go into production in 2012 featuring Hollywood notables with distribution across DVD and theatres.
Check out the trailer and get more details here.

FRESH FILMS CORPORATE is the Fresh Films extension program where teenagers team up with local corporations to create the corporation's internal or corporate video. The program gives teens enhanced communication and technical skills, and professional, real-life video experience, all while engaging their creative ability. See the teen's work here for ITW, our United Way Video Challenge, made possible by AT&T.

YOUTH FEST is a combination creative educational experience and Premiere event for the youth-created films produced in Dreaming Tree's Apprentice filmmaking programs. The day-long program features speeches by Hollywood professionals, a screening of youth-created documentary and feature films, and an hour of networking.

GIRLS IN THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR is a national all-girl filmmaking program developed to empower girls to make good on their creative dreams. GIDC provides girls the experience and confidence to connect with each other and express their vision and individuality.


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