HOLLYWOOD is actively engaged in mentoring the next generation of filmmakers.


Top Hollywood talent, like Jonathan Lithgow, Dominic Monaghan, Jessica Alba, Usher, Tom Skerritt and Sean Astin get involved with our youth creative programs because they believe in mentoring and helping youth reach their dreams.


Hollywood professionals not only star in youth-created films, but also encourage youth to follow their dreams, showing them what lies ahead if they work hard, trust their creativity, and operate as a team.



“The minute they came to me and told me what they were doing

I said, ‘I’ve got to support this.’ ” – Tom Skerritt


“It was really inspiring. It's fantastic to be around people that are so excited to be trying out the business and I just had a really good time with them.” – Dominic Monaghan


“Bringing young people together, directing their focus, giving people a sense that they're a part of something bigger than themselves.” – Sean Astin

Dreaming Tree Foundation

Impacting Youth Through Igniting Creativity

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