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In 2012, the Dreaming Tree Foundation will embark on The Stream — a feature length film produced entirely by teens and young adults. Every aspect of the film will be produced by youth, including directing the featured Hollywood Celebrities. Production begins Summer 2012 with distribution planned for theatres and DVD.



  • Coming-of-Age film about life-as-a-kid, with appeal to kids, teens and adults
  • First-ever feature created and produced entirely by youth
  • 250+ teens/youth from across the country working collaboratively on the film
  • Produced and directed "Fresh Films style" with teens/youth replacing the pros in every aspect of the film's production including writing, acting, music, production and editing.
  • Hollywood celebrities in key Acting role
  • Self-funding opportunity created by theatre and DVD distribution.


Film Synopsis:

The year is 1982. Lightsabers, feathered doo's and Hall and Oats reign. New neighborhoods are going up everywhere. Ernest is the newest of the new kids — just moved in and looking to find his place. And playing the role of the evil Lord Vader (heavy breathing and all) seems like as a good a place to start as any. Follow Ernest as he rises to the challenges of being a kid — making friends, avoiding bullies, adjusting to mom's (CELEB) new full-time job, and his ultimate quest… to capture the flag. Along the way, Ernest discovers that bad guys never do win, and that the dark side really isn't his calling.


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