Dreaming Tree Foundation's mission is to transform the lives of young people through encouraging, fostering, and actively involving them in the field of creative arts. Dreaming Tree Foundation (DTF) provides teens with hands-on experience in the creative field of filmmaking. Through various programs geared towards teens, DTF gives youth the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the filmmaking industry, while gaining skills they will need in the workforce, such as decision making, time management, critical thinking, and teamwork.


Dreaming Tree has worked with teen Apprentices since 2002, when the first Apprentice filmmaking program was launched through After School Matters at Farragut Career Academy, a public high school on the Southwest side of Chicago.

The initiative was developed to provide inner-city teens with immersive experiences in the after school hours. After seeing how teens flourished from these experiences, Dreaming Tree Foundation began the process of bringing these exciting opportunities to teens across the country. This program was later developed into Fresh Films with the goal of breaking through the Hollywood glam to allow teens to explore different creative mediums such as writing, design, photography, acting, directing, producing, cinematography and film editing.

Since that time, Dreaming Tree's Fresh Films initiative has taught the ins and outs of the filmmaking industry to more than 3,000 youth in 27 cities across America. Youth-made films have been viewed by youth over 5 millions times, both online and at local theatre and AFI screenings.


In April of 2010, the Dreaming Tree Foundation was formed in order to support the many youth programs under the Dreaming Tree umbrella.

Dreaming Tree Foundation

Impacting Youth Through Igniting Creativity

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